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The CRA Training Institute Reviews...

Got hired as a pharmacovigilance officer for IQVIA working with Moderna on their Phase III mRNA vaccine candidate! Thanks so much for your help

S. Ray, MD, MSc, CRA - Georgia

Thank you, so so much! I can't put into words how grateful I am to the institute for helping me a long my journey. Very grateful! I will recommend this course to all my friends. Thank you, Ropa

Ropa N., BS-Biology - Texas

I'm happy to inform you that I have gotten a job as a CRA and would like to thank you for all your help.

Gregory S., B.S. - Georgia, USA

I am pleased to inform you that I finally got an offer with Leidos. Thank you so much for your kind support all through the process and for being so impactful. Thank you once again!!!

R. Ojese, B.Sc. - Illinois

This CRA course changed my life! I am so thankful that I decided to take the step and take this course! The instructors are so supportive from start to finish! The information in the modules is so helpful for knowledge in the field and for job interviews. It took me about 2 months to complete the course but 30 days later I am currently a CRA in the field. Thank you so much Dr. Brown, Dr.Perry, and Dr. Mair you all truly have impacted my life in the most beneficial way. I am forever greatful!

Jaz, CRA II - Florida

Just finished the course and i already have a couple of interviews lined up. Will definately refer my friends. Great School, course material is straight forward and easy to grasps, The Instructor is very resourceful, they'll assist you in your career. Im very grateful Dr Brown for all your help.

Paul L, M.D. - Texas

I am really satisfied with my training here. I have already landed a job in a leading CRO. I learned the skills and knowledge needed to make me a successful CRA. The support was great and prompt, all through the course and beyond. I will recommend training here to anyone any day!! Thanks

Obioma E., MD - Georgia USA

I'm quite pleased to tell you that I've been hired as a Clinical Research Associate in one of the major CROs in France. I think the fact that I did the course helped a great deal. In fact, I hadn't even finished it when I was interviewed.

Ganesh, PhD in Structural Biology - FRANCE

I have finished the course. I have updated my resume based on your recommendations. I have a job with a CRO which I just started last week. Thank you for your assistance.

Mary, RN MSN - Texas

The training course was great - it was nice to be able to complete it at my own pace. In addition, I've already landed a job as a CRA! Thanks,

Stephanie, QC Scientist - California

Thanks so much. The course was very helpful, way better than I expected. Thanking you again for a job well done.
Dawn F., BSc, MSc-Public Health - Texas

I cant thank you enough. You have given me more than I asked and paid for, from the school. You have just blessed a life and I truly appreciate your help. Thank you God bless you.

Adeyemi, BS, CRA - Maryland

Thanks for all your support and inputs. I have learned a lot through this course.
Latha S., Ph.D. - Biotechnology - Ohio
Thank you soooo much for everything. As I searched for a CRA certificate program , I wanted to find a program that I would gain as much information as I possible could- then Thank God He led me to CRA Training Institute. There was soo much reading but it was soooo valuable!!!!
Claudia B., MSc Biology- Infectious Disease - California
Thanks so much...I very appreciative of your kind gesture. CRA Training Institute will remain evergreen in my memory.
Ganiyu, MBA, Project Mgmt - California
The course was very intensive, interesting and fascinating. It was a program I had been longing to take. Thank you for the opportunity offered to enable me to complete the training. I so much enjoyed the course because it was like a living training to me. It has built confidence in me.
Okon B., BSc, MBA (Project Management) - Texas
I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you, for your kind help and attention all through the training.i really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Humphrey I., BSc Microbiology -  Texas
I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to you, for your permanent effort and kind attention. It was nice time that I have spent within this online course. Yes, it was nice way to study, learn and recover already forgotten things. Once again thank you very much, Wishing to you and all staff of CRA Institute, Good luck and Prosperity.
Marina Papuashvili, MD, PhD - Maryland
Thank you for reviewing my resume, you did an amazing job with it. The presentation is so professional and I can't wait to apply for jobs with it.
N. Olanrewaju, MBBS - Maryland
Dear Instructor, Thank you so much for the training. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
L. Zhang, MD, MPH - California

The resume looks amazing! Thank you so much!

Kenneth N., M.A. Bioethics -  California
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help. Kind regards
Silvia Zaragoza, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry - SPAIN
I wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed learning about clinical research and can appreciate lot more regarding role as clinical research associate. Regards
L. Zhang - California
Thank you Dr. Brown for all your help during course, with resume and CRA information.
Dianna Watson, BSc - Florida
I am excited to have finally finished the training; I feel a great sense of accomplishment...Thank You, God bless!
Ruth O, BSc (Healthcare Services) - Texas
Good morning Dr. Brown, I hope you enjoyed the holiday. I got a job offer last week Friday July 1st for a CRA position...
F. Idemudia, BSc, PTCB - Texas
Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the help and assistance throughout the entire training. Thank you very much. With Regards,
Kamalu, B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics - Maryland
Dr Elizabeth, I want to say big thank you and huge appreciation for all your support throughout this program. Best Regards to you, your family and the entire team.
John B., CAPM - Texas
Thank you so much for reviewing and updating my CV... It looks very organized. I could not have done a better job than you did... I love it. Again, my sincerest gratitude for the knowledge I gained from your training...Warm regards!
N. Stashko, RN, MS, Drug Safety Specialist - North Carolina
Many thanks for the course. I really enjoyed the CRA course although I took time to complete maybe because I was completing my Masters in Sales & marketing and working at the same time...Many thanks!

Fabienne AILLET, M.S., Ph.D Biology - FRANCE

It was a pleasure doing the CRA online training course which i just concluded on your website...You have been of great help and I'm appreciative. Thanks again.

Gregory S., B.S. - Georgia, USA
I just wanted you to know that l had a great experience. Thank you for everything....You are awesome!
Anne N., M.Ed. - Counseling - Texas
Thank you so much. Am very grateful. The good lord will continue to bless you. Once again, I thank you.
Y. A., B.Sc.(Chemistry) - South Carolina
I am glad upon completion of CRA Training. It was wonderful experience being in training and hope to settle down in my career soon.
Risha Patel, BSc, MSc (Biotechnology) - Texas
Thank you for your time, corrections and help in making sure that i completed this program successfully.
Wally O. - Maryland
Dear Dr. Brown, thank you very much for the work done. The resume looks well done and professional. Best Regards
Angela, RN, MPH - Texas
I haven't work on this in months, however, I am possibly getting closer to scoring my first GCP audit, based on my partial completion. Thanks!
Margery Ross, PhD (GMP QA Consultant) - New Jersey
In a short word.....THANK YOU for changing my life. I am now an ambassador for your institute. Thank you so much. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience. I enjoyed the course work and the knowledge base system.
Williams, B.Sc. (Psychology) - Texas
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. It's an honor to attend your institution. Thanks
Lukman G., B.Sc. - Chicago, IL
Thanks a million for your help and support, I really appreciate the help. Am highly impress by the review and update you made to my resume,THANK YOU.
K. Odubote, BA - Texas